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Our technology platform and expert ProCare team streamlines the process of selling your home and lets us help you keep more of the equity you've earned.

Easy to Use Technology
The Dashboard

The UpsideDoor dashboard is your virtual assistant, helping you understand exactly where you are in the process and what's happening next. You'll see everything all in one place and you'll always know what's being done to sell your home - sign installation, the buyer's appraisal, the title company's progress, etc. It's all there!

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Simple Online Scheduling

Selling a home can involve a surprising amount of scheduling and coordination. UpsideDoor makes it easy to manage all of this online. You can track appointments the ProCare team has set up (for example, your photography appointment), as well as buyer showings and inspections. You can enter preferences for appointment times and let us know if any scheduled event doesn't work for you.

24/7 Expert Support
The ProCare Team

Our team of real estate experts is there for you, from helping to price your home to making sure you understand what happens at closing. While information is always available through the dashboard, you can call the ProCare team any time you have questions.

Showings and Offers

Selling your home without a traditional agent doesn't mean you have to put your life on hold to work with buyers or their agents yourself. We handle all the communication and logistics with buyers' agents, so you don't have to. We coordinate their showings and receive offers. Then we review offers with you and negotiate with the buyer's agent if needed.

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